VIDEO Conversion Services.


Protect your precious moments by converting old video tapes into DVDs


We convert the below formats to DVD

8mm Video, Digital 8mm, Mini-DV, VHS, and International VHS formats converted to DVD


Duplication Services

CD Duplication

DVD Duplication

Audio Tape Duplication.

Digital Scanning Services.


Photos, Hard Copy Originals can all be archived into a digital format.  We scan small items such as pictures, regular items such as documents, and all the way up to Full Color Maps as large as 40" wide by 100'.

Convert your Documents, Files, Photographs, and Videos in digital format.

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your project and get pricing!

Video - DVD Conversion $9.95/tape + tax

General Email for orders and questions is • 2001 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 • (510)540-5959